Dan Healey


Dan Healey is the Director of Sustainability for Sealed Air’s Product Care division where he leads efforts to expand, quantify and communicate the substantial environmental benefits that come from preventing product damage and reducing material waste across the fulfillment supply chain. With more than 17 years in the packaging industry, Dan combines his experience in R&D and business development to uniquely align a customer’s business objectives with its sustainability goals. His commitment to advancing a holistic, lifecycle approach to assessing environmental impact is helping change the way companies think about packaging and shipping products.

Understanding the Sustainability Impact of Ecommerce Packaging

| Dan Healey

Companies use a host of tools and processes to keep damage rates at an acceptable level such as quality control checks and returns tracking reports. But preventing damage during shipments isn’t just a better business decision, it’s a sustainability imperative. The problem is, almost no one is looking at it as one.