Daniel Sugarman

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Daniel Sugarman is CEO and cofounder of Zentail, an ecommerce automation platform for multichannel merchants. His passion for ecommerce goes back to his early days as a seller. As he experimented with channels like Amazon, eBay and Jet.com (before its acquisition by Walmart), he and his cofounder built Zentail to scale and automate daily tasks. His team ranked as a top 5 seller on Jet.com before opening up their technology to other sellers in 2015, at the counsel of Jet’s founding team. Sugarman is also an alumnus of Y Combinator (YC S12), a prestigious program for early stage startups.

Marketplaces Give Brands a Greater Shot at DTC Success

| Daniel Sugarman

Brands are challenged with finding a way forward even when traditional DTC models threaten to crack—and thinking outside the box to find the post-coronavirus formula for success. Fortunately, DTC doesn’t just mean selling on your own site. Here are some of the strong benefits of adding marketplaces to your DTC channel mix.

Avoid These 4 Deadly Sins of Ecommerce Sellers During a Crisis

| Daniel Sugarman

While everyone might be caught between a rock and a hard place, the COVID-19 outbreak has proven there is definitely a wrong way to act during times of crisis. Here are several instances in which ecommerce sellers paid a hefty price for the decisions they made. Avoid resorting to these methods when your business is in crisis mode.