Daphne Carmeli


Daphne Carmeli has over 25 years of experience leading teams in high growth, category defining, entrepreneurial environments. Prior to her role as CEO and founder of Deliv, Daphne was the CEO of Metreo, a pricing optimization software company, from its inception in 2000 through its acquisition in 2006. Prior to Metreo, Daphne was the Vice President of the eCommerce group at Netscape / America Online (AOL), and on the founding team and head of Marketing at WebMD. Additionally, she keeps connected to all the latest disruptive technologies as she serves on the Boards of several companies in software, mobile, health, logistics and crowdsourcing spaces.

How Retailers Can Work Like Amazon

| Daphne Carmeli

The key is to work like Amazon rather than with them. Despite the retail giant’s head start, it has never been easier for companies to adopt 3rd party services and platforms that let them offer a service comparable to Amazon’s. Here is how retailers can set themselves apart in an Amazon world.