David Zartman

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David Zartman is the Senior Ecommerce Marketing Director at Cubework, where he works with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in scale-up mode to secure co-warehousing spaces that fit lean operational strategy. As a long-time successful solopreneur, having worked 16 years in media consulting for Toyota, David understands firsthand what SMEs need to thrive in today’s frenetic ecommerce environment.

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Blockchain Leads to Ecommerce Logistics Savings

| David Zartman

It’s no surprise that transmission of ecommerce logistics documents is turning digital, and in particular, via blockchain. It is a platform that seeks to connect the full ecommerce supply chain ecosystem from start to finish: Ports, ocean/air/rail/truck carriers, customs, freight forwarders, package shippers and more. The reward is massive.