Dori Salisbury

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Dori Salisbury is VP of Customer Success and Strategy for SearchSpring, which provides user-friendly search, merchandising, personalization and analytics tools to increase conversion and curate unique shopping experiences. She has more than 25 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management and a proven track record of process development, revenue growth and customer retention. Having worked across private equity, venture capital and public companies, Dori brings a wide range of organizational experience. She enjoys building businesses while providing outstanding service, support and value to customers.

“No Results Found”: Addressing the Site Search Dead End Dilemma

| Dori Salisbury

If an eager shopper comes to your website with a product in mind and high purchase intent, but then hits a “no results found” page, at best they’ll attempt a couple of variations of the term before bailing and heading to a competitor. To avoid this bad scenario, here are some tips to quickly redirect shoppers and give them options.