Ed Kennedy

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Ed Kennedy is the senior director of commerce at Episerver, a global software company offering web content management, digital commerce, and digital marketing, through the Episerver Digital Experience™ Cloud™ software platform. He is a contributing author to many media publications and was named to DMN’s 40under40 list for marketing superstars in 2018.

Why Marketers & Merchandisers Should Leave IT’s Basement

| Ed Kennedy

In 2018, IT is still worried about letting colleagues into their commerce platforms for fear it will slow down site performance and that non-technical colleagues will mess up a system they ultimately have to fix. Discover how a little distance and trust, as well as some technology tools, can improve this dynamic.

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The ABCs of Digital Transformation for Retailers like J. Crew

| Ed Kennedy

Whether it’s halting all operations like Toys R Us or perpetually closing stores like Sears, many retailers are scrambling, more often than not, to pay back millions of dollars in debt and strategize to see another day. Here are the ABCs of a digital transformation that retailers should know about.