Elaine Kwon

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Elaine Kwon is co-founder and partner of Kwontified, an ecommerce management and software company. From high-growth/high-potential startups to publicly traded, multinational retail brands, Elaine helps companies develop, enhance and execute digital marketplace strategies to better engage customers, turn data into insights and thoughtfully grow online businesses through omnichannel approaches. She began her career increasing logistics efficiency at McMaster-Carr and later worked her way up to manage a luxury division at Amazon Fashion, where she advised dozens of the world’s most recognizable fashion brands on the intricacies of achieving success on the platform.

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Is Automated Ecommerce Technology Sabotaging Your Business?

| Elaine Kwon

As brands increasingly focus on digital sales, they emphasize streamlining operations and automating logistics through ecommerce technology to effectively manage inventory systems, ad campaigns, etc. But software alone is not enough to guarantee positive outcomes, and when mismanaged, it can even do more harm than good.