Eyal Raab

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As the VP of Business Development and Sales at Riskified, Eyal Raab is responsible for matching Riskified’s solutions with enterprise merchants and helping to deliver maximum value. One of Riskified’s earliest employees, Eyal initially worked as a software engineer before transitioning to lead the business development and sales team, where he has helped grow its customer base to more than 1,000 global merchants. Prior to his tenure at Riskified, Eyal held various management and software development roles at Siemens, Celtro and Corrigent.

ecommerce fraud

Ecommerce Fraud Cooks Up Trouble in Food Delivery

| Eyal Raab

While retailers pursue same-day delivery, grocers often complete and ship orders in an hour, while restaurants get even less time. Merchants in food delivery thus have to make instant decisions about the legitimacy of a purchase or risk upsetting their customers. The trick is implementing fraud prevention without ruining the experience.