Fang Cheng


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Fang Cheng is the CEO of Linc, a company that helps brands own the customer relationship, driving automated 1-to-1 shopper assistance across any channels the shoppers prefer. Linc has assisted over 1% of U.S. online sales, with clients that include Carter’s/Oshkosh, Crocs, GoPro, Hugo Boss, L’Oreal USA, eBags, Procter & Gamble and more. Before that, she was co-founder and CEO of Proximiant, the first touch and go digital receipt platform, allowing retailers to directly beam a digital copy of their receipt to a customer’s mobile phone.

Don’t Run an Anti-Customer Service Strategy in Ecommerce

| Fang Cheng

Making it harder for customers to make returns or get in touch with you is a poor customer service strategy. So is slavish devotion to KPIs and this quarter’s results, while missing the bigger picture of the customer experience you’re creating. See what pitfalls this approach creates for your business, and how to avoid them.