Frank Garcia

As head of operations at Flowspace, Frank Garcia leads teams focused on scaling and managing the company’s distributed network of fulfillment centers, and those supporting customer success within them. He has a long career in logistics and operations: prior to joining Flowspace, Garcia led fulfillment services and client success and solutions for tech-forward 3PL OceanX. He also served as director of supply chain and operations at Lakeshore Learning Materials, and held several roles at McMaster Carr, a leading industrial supply distributor specializing in same-day delivery.

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The Fifth Wave of Ecommerce

| Frank Garcia

The challenge being laid today is to understand that in-store fulfillment is a workaround, not a scalable solution, for retailers penetrating further into ecommerce. If your physical shoppers have a bad experience because of technological processes you’ve enabled, you have failed them in the overall customer journey.