Iain McNicoll

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Iain McNicoll is the Vice President, Regional Head, Americas, SMB at Payoneer. With more than 15 years of experience working with payments and emerging technologies, Iain began his career at Merrill Lynch before taking on various management roles at companies like CMC Markets, Velocity Trade, American Express and most recently, OANDA Corp. There he designed the go-to-market roadmap for a corporate payments product. Iain originally joined Payoneer as the U.S. country manager, and through his success in business development, client management and general support of the Payoneer team, he was tapped to lead all SMB efforts across two continents.

How State Cashmere Navigated Its Global Ecommerce Expansion

| Iain McNicoll

Over the last decade, booming global ecommerce has given small businesses around the world an opportunity to expand their reach in D2C. But this expansion does come with challenges, especially in the area of payments. See how State Cashmere addressed currency and taxation issues while freeing up working capital to fuel growth.