Immanual J. Kingsley

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Immanuel has three decades of experience in IT spanning project/program management, value engineering, enterprise and solution architecture, KM, COE incubation, strategy execution, technology incubation and innovation. His new passion is applying enterprise value using metaverse technologies across industry verticals that include virtual lands, virtual environments, digital twins, NFTs, virtual try-on, augmented reality, WebAR, mixed reality, virtual reality, virtual walk-through, digital humans, 3D product configurators, Web 3.0, VR headsets, head mounted displays, smart glasses, computer vision and human/machine interfaces. He’s worked in legacy mainframes, client/server, web technologies, ERPs, mobile, wearable computing, UX, S/W robots, RPA and extreme automation, among other domains.

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Venturing Across the Metaverse

| Immanual J. Kingsley

Metaverse solutions cut across verticals, from healthcare to fashion to manufacturing, but it’s still in its infancy. Think of it like the internet of 1994, when you used Netscape and a dial-up handshake to navigate the web.  As businesses step into the metaverse, this is the right time to experiment with using it as a service.