Jake Loveless

jacob.loveless@edgemesh.com / mobrien@accessintel.com

Jake Loveless has had a twenty-year career of making technology go faster. From low latency trading systems on Wall Street to large-scale web platforms for the Department of Defense to microwave networks for telecommunication companies – he has helped propel software to new speed limits. Today, Jake runs Edgemesh, a global web acceleration company. Edgemesh enhances any browser, on any device, with intelligent client-side caching, enabling ecommerce brands to deliver 20-50% faster page loads.

headless commerce illustration feature

Headless Ecommerce 2.0: Handling Platform, Mid-Market Issues

| Jake Loveless

Headless ecommerce is driven by developers and appeals to developers. Despite years of effort and billions of dollars, the customers (CMOs, ecommerce executives) aren’t ready to abandon their existing functional solutions. For ecommerce, two factors hold back adoption — one pertaining to the platform and one to the mid-market. 

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Core Web Vitals: What Every CMO Should Know

| Jake Loveless

Website performance can be a complex topic, and with Google now throwing even more jargon into the mix (Core Web Vitals, anyone?) it’s easy to get lost. Here’s a breakdown of how page speed works, what metrics to pay attention to in order to retain consumers, and how to bring performance marketing into your CMO arsenal.