Jake Loveless

jacob.loveless@edgemesh.com / mobrien@accessintel.com

Jake Loveless has had a twenty-year career of making technology go faster. From low latency trading systems on Wall Street to large-scale web platforms for the Department of Defense to microwave networks for telecommunication companies – he has helped propel software to new speed limits. Today, Jake runs Edgemesh, a global web acceleration company. Edgemesh enhances any browser, on any device, with intelligent client-side caching, enabling ecommerce brands to deliver 20-50% faster page loads.

core web vitals web speed illustration

Core Web Vitals: What Every CMO Should Know

| Jake Loveless

Website performance can be a complex topic, and with Google now throwing even more jargon into the mix (Core Web Vitals, anyone?) it’s easy to get lost. Here’s a breakdown of how page speed works, what metrics to pay attention to in order to retain consumers, and how to bring performance marketing into your CMO arsenal.