Jaron Waldman


Jaron Waldman is a lifelong entrepreneur and builder of things. He previously founded Placebase, a Los Angeles location technology company that was acquired by Apple in 2009. After the acquisition Jaron spent four years at Apple leading a team that developed location-based services across the Apple ecosystem. He became fascinated with the potential of location technology in the nascent era of mobile commerce, prompting him to leave Apple in 2013 and co-found Curbside.

The Antidote for Saving Physical Stores

| Jaron Waldman

For retail chains, the bricks continue to crumble: Declining sales, shrinking margins and the inevitable closing of physical stores. They can help reverse this trend by reimagining their biggest and most maligned asset: Physical stores themselves. Here are some tips to help brick-and-mortar retailers beat back the industry shock wave.