Jenn Markey

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Jenn is a key member of 360pi’s leadership team, providing market development expertise to support the company’s focus on enterprise retailers and brands. Jenn is a recognized retail industry thought leader and has been widely quoted in Forbes, CNBC, and numerous trade publications.

Augmenting In-store with Online Competitive Intelligence

| Jenn Markey

It’s an understatement that retailers are under pressure. Budgets are tight and missteps are costly, as witnessed by the slew of traditional retailers shuttering their doors. Here is how to connect augmented intelligence with online competitive intelligence.

4 Keys to Black Friday Success

| Jenn Markey

Is Black Friday and Cyber Monday on a decline? Conversations about this have been running rampant about this due to the year-round cycle of discounting by retailers in order to gain consumer’s attention. Here are four ways retailers can gear up for two of the busiest shopping holidays of the year.