Jill Mueller

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Jill Mueller is the Product Marketing Director at Propel, where her passion for bringing brands to life drives strategic growth. Her experience in both retail and manufacturing provides a strong balance of marketing, development, and production knowledge. Prior to joining Propel, Jill worked with private equity-backed firms to identify and execute market growth opportunities, including channel expansion, product category launches, and global supply chain improvements.

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Getting Your Arms Around Product Data

| Jill Mueller

Without a central source of truth, tracking down accurate, current product data can feel like running a maze in search of that elusive piece of cheese. Manual processes reducing efficiency and slowing down marketing teams. And time and resources used on organizing disconnected data take away from building rich content to drive conversions and ROI. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

CPG Brands: Product Data Drives Omnichannel Growth

| Jill Mueller

Channel expansion can quickly lead to customer disappointment, poor reviews and high returns if incomplete and/or inaccurate information floods the market. For channel expansion to be successful, CPG brands need to put product data at the center of their omnichannel strategy to drive revenue growth and customer engagement.