Jonathan Taylor

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Jonathan Taylor is a technology veteran with expertise in product, architecture, engineering and technical operations and has played a key role in developing Zoovu’s technology to meet emerging industry challenges. He has been innovating in technology for 15 years with roles at Actito, previously known as SmartFocus and Sentillian. As CTO of Zoovu, Jonathan leads the company’s product team and works closely with customers and partners. In addition to overseeing technology, Jonathan has responsibility for driving innovation through R&D activities and leveraging emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to the company’s clients globally.


GenAI GPT phone feature

Can You Trust Generative AI on Your Ecommerce Site?

| Jonathan Taylor

Generative AI has pushed into nearly every corner of the B2B tech landscape, forever transforming ecommerce and the buyer’s journey. However, trusting generative AI on ecommerce sites comes with risks. Consider these preparation steps needed to bring generative AI into ecommerce, in order to deliver a competitive advantage and ensure ideal customer-buying experiences.