Joseph Torrillo

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Joseph Torrillo is Vice President at Terakeet and has 12 years of SEO experience. He devised Terakeet’s go-to-market reputation management offering and, upon Terakeet’s acquisition, developed the business around reputation Joseph has managed a multi-million-dollar portfolio of enterprise SEO and reputation management customers, including Fortune 10 companies and CEOs and international presidents. He supports all company sales, marketing, product development, account management and service delivery efforts.

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3 Signs You’re Misappropriating Your Brand’s Marketing Budget

| Joseph Torrillo

With any investment, you have to assess several economic factors before making a decision to pursue it. The same is true with an investment in SEO. However, most brands lack the comprehensive toolset required to understand and accurately quantify the impact of SEO. Here are 3 major signs that your marketing budget is misaligned.