JP Wiggins

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JP Wiggins is the co-founder and Vice President of Logistics for 3Gtms. In his role, JP manages channels and partnerships. He was most recently at SAP as the solution principal focusing on SAP’s transportation, warehouse and event management offerings in North America; previously he directed industry marketing for the company’s transportation and logistics business unit. Before SAP, he was SVP and GM for Descartes Systems Group’s supply chain, transportation and logistics applications business, and VP of product management. Previously, JP was co-founder and SVP of logistics for Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log); co-founder and VP of product management at dx/dt; and vice president of logistics at Weseley Software.

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The Real Supply Chain New Normal

| JP Wiggins

There’s just no going back to the “before” supply chain. Future generations will likely forget the lessons of the early 2020’s and make the same mistakes, but for now we’ll contend with the “new normal.” This dynamic state of affairs is going be with us for the foreseeable future. Here are 5 trends to look out for as we move forward.

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The Carrier Capacity Crunch: A Dynamic Approach

| JP Wiggins

The carrier capacity crunch is real, and these LTL capacity issues aren’t going anywhere soon. The only answer for shippers to manage their transportation is to turn to dynamic solutions and lean on technology that is rapidly evolving to meet evolving supply chain and transportation network needs.