Julian Krenge

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Julian is passionate about technology that is functional, seamless and solves real world problems reliably. This passion led him to co-found parcelLab in 2015 and drive the development of the industry leading post-purchase experience management platform. As CTO, Julian is responsible for parcelLab’s relentless focus on innovation, developing the platform to bring brands and customers closer together in even more complex real-world situations. He is fearlessly committed to transforming customer experiences worldwide, and building the technology platform that enables this in any industry, not just retail.

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Automating the Customer Experience

| Julian Krenge

For retailers and ecommerce brands, interacting with customers and leaving a good impression is not only a never-ending task, but incredibly important for sustained growth. This is why brands should make it a priority to take advantage of automated tools that save time, reduce the need for customer service agents and provide a consistently seamless customer experience while shopping.