Kunal Chopra

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etailz CEO Kunal Chopra manages the company’s strategic direction. Kunal brings over 15 years of executive experience with industry-leading companies, including Microsoft, Amazon and Groupon, where he managed P&L, built teams, improved processes and launched numerous global products and services. Passionate about the intersection of retail and technology, he brings that rigor daily to etailz. He’s managed up to $300 million in P&L, led 200+ resources (direct) and 300 (indirect) and served as director of program management and operations for startup accelerator Techstars.

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6 Tips for Thriving in a Saturated Amazon Marketplace

| Kunal Chopra

Amazon is the world’s most valuable brand, with an estimated 38% of U.S. ecommerce sales, forcing business owners to create a brand presence there. Unfortunately that popularity makes it harder to capture consumers’ attention. These 6 tips will help marketers grow your company’s ecommerce business on Amazon’s marketplace.