Lauren Cooley

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Lauren Cooley is the SVP of retailer and brand solutions for RetailMeNot, leading the company’s efforts to deepen relationships with the nation’s top retailers, brands and restaurants. Lauren’s responsibilities include aligning across portfolio organizations to broaden revenue opportunities and bringing the needs of advertisers to the forefront of the product development roadmap. Lauren joins RetailMeNot with more than 20 years of sales, leadership and operational success across media and technology focused organizations. Prior to RetailMeNot, Lauren served as a SVP of Sales at iHeartMedia, honing her client centric approach combined with data to secure, retain and grow client partnerships.

Unprecedented 2.0: Holiday Retail Trends

| Lauren Cooley

With the pandemic lingering and most of us unsure of what “normal” looks like anymore, it’s a good time to consider what’s on tap for 2021 holiday shopping. Some themes remain from 2020 while a few new ones have emerged. Our best description of what to expect this time around? …let’s call it Unprecedented 2.0.

Holiday Shopping 2020: What October Results Revealed

| Lauren Cooley

It’s been a wild year for retailers. The homestretch of 2020 finds most of them hoping to over-perform and make up for time and money lost to the COVID-19 crisis. Do American consumers have enough left in the tank (and the bank account) to provide a much-needed boost? Let’s examine that question by looking back to October.