Lenley Hensarling


Lenley Hensarling is the chief strategy officer of Aerospike, a leader in next-generation, hyperscale data solutions. He has more than 30 years of experience in engineering management, product management and operational management at both startups and large, successful software companies. Lenley previously held executive positions at Novell, EnterWorks, JD Edwards, EnterpriseDB and Oracle. He has experience in delivering value to customers and shareholders in both enterprise applications and infrastructure software. Lenley believes business is now happening in real time and that the right infrastructure for serving data to new real-time applications is a rapidly accelerating requirement for businesses to succeed.

Fulfilling the Next-Gen Customer Experience With Real-Time Data

| Lenley Hensarling

A dichotomy existed in the past where retailers separated ecommerce and store channels. As more customers migrated online, retailers started to project the physical store into the virtual world. But it’s no longer just about providing a great online experience; digitally savvy consumers expect stores to mirror that fast, frictionless world.