Lukas Kinigadner

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Lukas Kinigadner is Co-Founder and CEO of Anyline, leading the company since its inception to become one of the leading mobile data capture companies in the market. Before Anyline, Lukas founded several companies, including one of the first app agencies in Austria, and brings additional experience from the banking and consultancy sectors. Besides his role as Anyline CEO, Lukas mentors young businesses and shares his expertise with other entrepreneurs starting innovative digital companies.

Scan & Go Delivers Where Self-Checkout Disappoints

| Lukas Kinigadner

Retail has changed more in the past year than in the previous decade. The pandemic has accelerated ecommerce and online options, out of necessity. Now, shoppers have more choices than ever, resulting in new demands for their desired in-store experiences, like scan & go. Here’s how it’s a win for retailer and shopper.