Lyndsey Lang

[email protected]

As Vice President of Business Development at Fattmerchant, Lyndsey oversees all strategic partnerships and alliances. This includes identifying opportunities for referral partners, integrated technology vendors, and API integrations. By building long-term relationships with key industry players, Lyndsey has helped extend the capabilities of the Fattmerchant platform and make it even easier for businesses to grow. Throughout her tenure at Fattmerchant, Lyndsey has directly driven over $1M in revenue and growth for the company.

Lyndsey demonstrates exceptional leadership skills and a strategic understanding of driving growth. As the first hire of Fattmerchant and a member of the founding team, Lyndsey brings a standard of excellence to all aspects of her work. She has been instrumental in building Fattmerchant from the ground up by focusing on customer acquisition and technology partnerships.

With her focus on success, Lyndsey has worked to grow the company from a startup to a revolutionary gamechanger in the payments industry. Lyndsey’s personable approach to leadership has resulted in the Fattmerchant team acquiring new partnerships across industries to build powerful, long-term relationships.