Matt Field

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Matt Field is the president and co-founder of MakerSights, a merchandise optimization platform for modern retail. Drawing from his extensive background in both retail and technology, Matt helps transform the way brands develop and bring to market new products by combining voice of the customer software and predictive analytics. Through the MakerSights platform, leading apparel, accessories, footwear and home brands are able to de-risk their most important product decisions, making more of the products their customers want, and driving greater speed and profitability across their businesses. Matt also serves as an advisor to American Express and its Digital Advisory Board, assisting senior leadership to develop and execute innovative products, campaigns and services to drive customer acquisition and retention.

2019 Ushers in Next Wave of Catering to Empowered Consumers

| Matt Field

Throughout 2018, retailers focused on providing creative, interactive and friction-free shopping experiences for customers. In 2019, you can expect this evolution to accelerate, with personalization and obsessive customer focus at the heart, and new influencer marketing catering to a more individualized consumer experience.