Megan Higgins

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Megan is the Vice President and General Manager, eCommerce and Marketplaces at Avalara. In her role, she leads the business development team for Avalara’s global ecommerce and online marketplace business. Megan has deep experience in leading teams, developing and executing on strategic initiatives and driving growth enterprises for technology companies.

Wayfair+2: The Impact of Marketplace Facilitator Laws Gone Wild

| Megan Higgins

Moving forward, one thing is certain: Marketplace facilitator laws will continue to evolve. We’re already seeing some changes in the U.S., with Louisiana going after high-volume 3P sellers during COVID-19. But states are also going to great lengths to pursue lodging and communications platforms and even food delivery services.

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Why Retailers Should Capitalize on Global Online Marketplaces

| Megan Higgins

During the last few years, more online marketplaces have been emerging globally, offering retailers even more avenues to sell products, compete and expand their footprint internationally. To remain competitive in this changing landscape, there are three key considerations that U.S. retailers should take into account to help successfully optimize their international strategy and provide a positive shopping experience for consumers.