Meghan Stabler

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Meghan Stabler is Vice President of Global Product Marketing and Communications for BigCommerce, one of the world’s leading ecommerce companies. She is a highly experienced business executive with deep experience in all aspects of marketing, product management, strategy and digital transformation. Her background includes startup, pre- and post- IPO, turnaround and enterprise SaaS software firms. From cybersecurity to ecommerce, digital to mobile, Meghan has touched every aspect of today’s technology landscape.

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The New Ecommerce Landscape: Where You Should Invest

| Meghan Stabler

The arrival of COVID-19 in early 2020 clearly had an enormous and unexpected impact on retail sales channels but the fundamental goal for merchants remained the same: Provide a great product and exceptional customer experience. So here we are, in the new ecommerce landscape. Here’s what you need to focus on to succeed.