Michael Jaszczyk

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Michael Jaszczyk is the CEO of GK Software USA. Since 2013, he has headed the North American business entity and previously served as CTO.

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Retail Technology for the Curious and the Cautious

| Michael Jaszczyk

Retailers are constantly being told to innovate and offer the latest and greatest tech in their stores whenever possible. While retail technology can move the needle on critical KPIs, change can also intimidate customers who are hesitant to try new technology. So how do you satisfy tech progressives and traditional shoppers?

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Headless Commerce and the Omnichannel Experience

| Michael Jaszczyk

The growth of omnichannel capabilities has given way to shopper journeys beginning and ending across multiple touchpoints. For this reason, many retailers are turning to headless commerce, which separates the front end and back end of an ecommerce application, providing more control over each touchpoint and engagement.

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The Future of BOPIS After COVID-19

| Michael Jaszczyk

Those who have embraced omnichannel retailing by allowing customers to do everything from browsing to payment on their personal device have found it much easier to adapt with tactics like BOPIS to ensure the safety and health of employees and shoppers. The current crisis will serve as a catalyst for long-term process changes.