Mike Debnar

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Mike Debnar is the Solution Principal for Retail at Medallia, focusing on creating innovative customer experience programs for brands utilizing his extensive background in CRM and CX. Mike holds a degree in management information systems from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, and is a frequent guest lecturer at Texas A&M University on the topic of innovation.

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Why Your Ecommerce Subscription Model Isn’t Working

| Mike Debnar

Not every ecommerce subscription plan is well designed. In fact, some can result in customer experience (CX) failures leading to dissatisfaction, churn and brand detractors. This in turn hits the bottom line, transforming a win-win into a lose-lose. Here are some tips to help boost loyalty by making your program more attractive.

Understanding the Gen Z CX in 2023

| Mike Debnar

What sets Gen Z consumers apart from the rest? Plenty. For starters, they have different preferences on loyalty, products and payment methods. Here’s how you should evolve your strategies to capture more insights about — and optimize for — the Gen Z customer experience during the current post-holiday sales period and beyond?