Mo Cheema

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Mo Cheema is the Director of Solutions Design and Implementation at Position Imaging. He is designing omnichannel retail fulfillment solutions using the iPickup platform. He also had a highly influential career at UPS, where he spearheaded several new product and business concepts, developed a strategically aligned product roadmap to streamline the global last-mile delivery for drivers, and routinely engaged with senior-level executives to influence investment decisions.

Ecommerce Returns, the New Sales Tool

| Mo Cheema

How can retailers leverage costly ecommerce returns into a sales tool? It’s an interesting question, given how retailers wrestle with the avalanche of costly returns. Some have remade returns into a customer loyalty campaign, while tech-savvy companies are taking the returns experience to the next level with AI and computer vision.

Here is a look at the building blocks that have enabled retailers to turn a negative experience into a positive opportunity for additional sales.