Allison Manetakis

Allison Manetakis is Director of NetSuite Commerce Product Management at the Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit, where she is responsible for strategy, roadmap and delivery of the entire portfolio including ecommerce, in store, CRM and order management. Prior to Oracle NetSuite, Allison was Product Management Leader, Commerce as a Service for IBM, where she was responsible for strategic direction, roadmap and growth of the unit’s offerings.

The Perfect Customer Order Demands Perfect Execution

| Allison Manetakis

To execute the perfect customer order, your order management solution must deliver what customers now expect – the omnichannel experience of buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere. Otherwise, they’ll quickly find somewhere else where they can get that experience.

Achieving Intelligent Omnichannel Order Allocation

| Allison Manetakis

Intelligent omnichannel order allocation allows you to make smarter order fulfillment decisions. With real-time inventory visibility across warehouses, stores and 3PLs, you can dynamically set up and apply business rules to automate processes, reduce costs, speed delivery or combine a number of factors to profitably meet customer expectations.

Without Inventory Visibility, There Is No Perfect Order

| Allison Manetakis

Without accurate, timely and complete inventory visibility, efficiently managing your ecosystem to serve your business and your customers is impossible. See how a centralized inventory and order management system provides a single version of the truth, increasing efficiency, improving the overall customer experience and driving loyalty.

Achieving the Perfect Customer Order: Where Does It Begin?

| Allison Manetakis

Critical to meeting customer expectations is delivering on the perfect customer order: the right product at the best price, when and where they want it. Find out what the key components are to making this happen, delighting customers consistently and driving loyalty while maintaining operational efficiency.