Natasha Zurnamer

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Natasha Zurnamer is the founder and CEO of Optty, the world’s first platform designed to allow retailers, payments platforms, and e-commerce platforms to integrate Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) providers in one single integration. With efficiency at the heart, Optty has been created to allow retailers to trade faster and increase sales conversions, and provide the right BNPL payment information to lend responsibly. As a seasoned fashion retail and ecommerce marketplace strategist, technology developer and merchant acquisitions expert, Natasha sets Optty’s strategy for bringing transparency and efficiency to the Buy Now Pay Later industry.

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BNPL Can Ease Inflation Pain

| Natasha Zurnamer

As inflation continues to slam consumers worldwide, alternative payment options such as Buy Now, Pay Later can go some way to helping alleviate the pain of higher prices. BNPL is an increasingly popular payment option, with loans usually incurring neither interest charges nor fees, and few require hard credit checks.