Patrick Kilgore

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Patrick Kilgore is a Product Marketing Manager at Bazaarvoice. He is a part of the business’ Brand solutions team, where he works with clients on strategic activation initiatives that enable the collection and distribution of consumer-generated content. Prior to joining Bazaarvoice, he worked as a Marketing Director and demand generation leader at fast-growing startup organizations including Hive9, Packet Design, and CacheIQ (now NetApp). Patrick holds an MBA in Digital Media Management from St. Edward’s University.

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5 Ways New Brands Can Use the Voice of the Customer

| Patrick Kilgore

For new business owners, establishing brand awareness, launching new products and standing apart from competition is no easy task. Marketers at emerging brands are inherently time poor and often operate on shoestring budgets, so breaking into crowded markets and reaching consumers is a considerable challenge. Here are five ways new brands can use the voice of the customer to drive brand awareness and increase sales.