Paul Miller

Walking the Privacy Tightrope

| Paul Miller

List owners and the list firms that represent them are walking a tightrope these days. During the past two years, a string of privacy actions have forced

USPS Test Leads to Testy Mailers

| Paul Miller

On the surface, it seemed like a harmless little experiment. But a July request by the U.S. Postal Service for a one-year test of the use of repositionable

Blyth Buys Two European Home Decor Marketers

| Paul Miller

Greenwich, CT-based Blyth, the parent company of gifts and housewares mailers Miles Kimball and Walter Drake, on Sept. 13 announced it had acquired Edelman, a designer/marketer of home, garden, and seasonal decor, and Euro-Decor, a designer/marketer of gifts and florist products.