Pete Olanday

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Pete Olanday has 23 years of experience in system integration, with 18 of those in retail. He has helped national and international clients implement automated solutions for indirect tax in their Point of Sales (POS) and ecommerce channels. Prior to joining Vertex Consulting, Pete worked for an international home furnishings retailer, managing its POS platform.

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Automating at the Edge: Easing Omnichannel Tax Pain

| Pete Olanday

The biggest source of omnichannel tax pain has always been flexibility and the process of adapting to an ever-changing tax landscape. Companies who broadened the scope and breadth of their sales streams as a result of the global pandemic were better equipped to meet this challenge.

Ecommerce and 2021 Tax Trends: What to Expect

| Pete Olanday

While business may be booming, ecommerce companies — especially those selling across state lines — may face overwhelming tax complexity into 2021 and beyond. Here are some trends you need to consider as you look to stay tax compliant in the new year.