Prasanna Dhungel

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Prasanna advises executives, board and investors on data strategy, growth and product. He previously supported product at Valence Health (acquired by Evolent Health) and D2Hawkeye (acquired by Cotiviti Health). Prasanna has advised leading firms such as the Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation, Athena Health and Apellis Pharma. He sits on the board of Clinic One, a preventative healthcare outpatient center. Prasanna has advised private equity firms such as Bessemer Venture Partners and Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe.

online brand protection illustration feature

Online Brand Protection: Safeguard This Valuable Asset

| Prasanna Dhungel

Online brand protection is the process of safeguarding your brand’s reputation, value and revenue from various forms of infringement. This includes brand value degradation and revenue churn from noncompliant acts by both unauthorized and authorized resellers, competitors, partners, dealers and affiliates.

Understanding Amazon’s SERP Tactics

| Prasanna Dhungel

Marketers must understand Amazon’s tactics across search engine results pages (SERPs). By monitoring Amazon’s Share of Voice (SOV) trends, you can make informed decisions on allocating marketing budget, reducing ad spend in segments where Amazon’s presence is strong and reallocating it in areas where they’re weak.