Reggie Yativ

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Regev (Reggie) Yativ is the Chief Revenue & Operating Officer at RTC platform An accomplished executive at both Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups, Reggie brings more than 17 years of strategic commercial enterprise leadership and business management experience. Prior to Agora, Reggie led growth as VP of Sales at Redis Labs, a world-leading NoSQL database technology company. Reggie also held a senior director position at Johnson & Johnson, as well as CRO at Magic Software Enterprise, a Nasdaq-traded enterprise software company.

What the Rise of Live Video Means for the Future of Retail

| Reggie Yativ

For years, live video and retail were two separate entities, but thanks to the growth of live streaming and other live content trends in the U.S., both consumers and businesses are looking to the technology as a new means of communication and interaction with the world around them.