Ross Kramer

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Ross Kramer is the co-founder and CEO of Listrak, an industry-leading marketing cloud focused solely on retailers, where he is responsible for charting the company’s strategic vision and direction. Since its founding in 1999, Listrak has been on the forefront of ecommerce technology, from email marketing to AI-powered customer data insights. With decades of executive leadership experience, successfully launching and directing three technology start-ups, Ross is a true serial entrepreneur. Prior to Listrak, Ross launched Vertex Internet, a web applications development and web hosting company, as well as Ross Kramer Personal Computer Solutions, which he started while still in high school.

A Daily Dose of Personalized Product Recommendations

| Ross Kramer

With some simple automation and dynamic content, personalized product recommendations can quickly and easily take even email blasts from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are a few creative ideas for daily emails to get you started.