Robert Passikoff

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Robert Passikoff, Brand Key’s founder and president, has pioneered work in the area of loyalty and engagement, creating the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, the Sports Fan Loyalty Index, and the Women’s Wear Daily Fashion Brand Engagement Index. His first bestselling book, “Predicting Market Success,” provided marketers with a 21st century perspective on predictive loyalty metrics. Robert’s newest book, “The Certainty Principle: How to Guarantee Brand Profits in the Consumer Engagement Marketplace,” examines a predictive approach to integrated marketing ROI.

J. Crew

Degraded Loyalty a Leading Indicator of J. Crew’s Chapter 11 Filing

| Robert Passikoff

Twenty first century loyalty – the degree to which a brand meets customer expectations for their Ideal in a product category – is a KPI that changes before the brand’s economic structure begins to improve or decline. It’s an early warning signal that your brand may be in trouble. And J. Crew’s recent Chapter 11 filing is a prime example.