Rodney Manzo

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Rodney Manzo is the founder and CEO at Anvyl, an intelligent PO management platform that helps consumer brands improve their supply chain process from PO issuance through to warehouse delivery. Rodney is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and served as an Engineer Officer in the U.S. Army. Following his time in the Army, Rodney worked as a consultant at Booz Allen before joining Apple as a Global Supply Manager and then transitioning to Harry’s Inc. to lead its Global Supply Chain group.

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Winning the First Mile to Navigate Economic Uncertainty

| Rodney Manzo

With all the focus on winning in the last mile, companies need to pay more attention to critical first mile success, addressing the various headwinds that beset it. Brands need to strike a balance in optimizing the first mile that address efficiency, affordability and overall performance. Here are two critical areas to address in order to help you mitigate risks and assure a seamless flow of goods.