Roei Livneh

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Roei Livneh is the CEO & founder of Curve (, a provider of machine learning-automated insights for business. He is a seasoned executive with expertise in customer experience and customer retention. Roei founded Gingee Games after having served as a product manager at Plarium Games. He has seen the change in the dynamics of organizations over the years and has created technology that grows and answers those changes. Curve came about as a need experienced by Roei’s customers – creating a marketing tool kit that is both easy to use and provides results.

Is Physical Retail in Vogue Again?

| Roei Livneh

As the saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same. This is certainly true about today’s retail landscape. As ecommerce has certainly changed the way people are shopping, what the industry is finding is that more and more ecommerce retailers are looking to physical locations. Here is a look at how much retail is evolving and what the future holds.