Ryan Breen

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Ryan Breen applies two decades of experience to his role as CTO of Zmags. Throughout his career, he’s scaled successful high-growth SaaS businesses, building teams and products in fields ranging from web application performance management to mass communication and mass production. Ryan was previously director of API management at Cimpress, where he oversaw the growth of the foremost SaaS platform in mass customization. Previously, he was chief architect of Everbridge, designing a mass communication platform, and as co-founder and chief architect of CloudFloor, an early innovator in multi-cloud workload optimization. At Gomez, a web performance and experience management company, Ryan was recognized as the leading authority on web application performance management.

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Avoiding the Ecommerce Replatforming Treadmill

| Ryan Breen

In a post-SaaS world, the only shot you have at a truly future-proofed ecommerce replatforming project is constantly maintaining the ability to test and deploy new storefront capabilities quickly and easily. This means a fundamental perspective shift is needed, emphasizing superior adaptability over that elusive, false feeling of completeness. Thus, the new digital transformation is digital optimization.