Sanjeev Sularia

Sanjeev Sularia is CEO of Intelligence Node, a retail analytics and AI price optimization company that offers the world’s largest retail product index. Prior to founding Intelligence Node, Sanjeev was the CFO for, a fast-growing high-end fashion e-commerce site acquired by Snapdeal, and CFO for, a private label e-commerce company acquired by Myntra. Sanjeev is a graduate of London Business School and a Forbes Technology Council member.

Is An Everyday Low Price Strategy Realistic for Retail During COVID-19?

| Sanjeev Sularia

An everyday low price strategy can be a winner, but this comes with an asterisk. Such a self-limiting strategy can only work for a specific type of company and it requires a certain approach. And with COVID-19 disrupting any normalcy in retail, we need to examine whether companies embracing EDLP are faring better or worse right now.

To Meet Consumer Expectations, Retailers Must Fight Against Counterfeits

| Sanjeev Sularia

The retail industry has a counterfeit problem and it’s threatening brands across the world. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, the global economic cost of counterfeiting and piracy could reach $2.3 trillion by 2022. Here are measures retailers should take to prevent 3P sellers from offering counterfeit goods.

Defining Your Ecommerce Pricing Strategy in a Post-List Price World

| Sanjeev Sularia

Pricing is one of the most difficult issues in online retail because it is a major challenge to keep up with such a fast-moving and dynamic marketplace. With the concept of “list pricing” on the wane, here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the curve in ecommerce pricing and gain a competitive edge in this crucial area.