Sergio Arboledas

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With a digital marketing background in advertising production and transcreation agencies, Sergio Arboledas now works as an SEO Specialist at MintTwist, an award-winning creative digital agency in London that delivers campaigns across web design, paid media, SEO, content & social.

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate on Amazon

| Sergio Arboledas

Conversion rate is a vital metric for any ecommerce business, demonstrating how successful your marketing is and whether people are buying your products. This is especially critical on the hyper-competitive Amazon marketplace. Learn how you can increase your conversion rate through better SEO on Amazon.

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5 Steps to Creating and Implementing Your Brand Voice

| Sergio Arboledas

Your brand voice is an essential part of how your customers and clients perceive you. How are you sharing your brand voice with your customers and is it working to your advantage? Here are five steps to begin implementing and creating your brand voice.