Sina Djafari

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Sina Djafari is an ecommerce executive, supply chain expert and software innovator. As the founder and CEO of Duoplane, an ecommerce automation platform that tracks and manages dropshipping orders from device to delivery, Sina provides world-class logistics and fulfillment expertise. He was an ecommerce retailer himself, co-founding Design Public, a contemporary furniture site, in 2003. Out of necessity, Sina learned how to code to automate the growing volume of complex orders. This became the basis of Duoplane, which he founded in 2011. Before becoming a two-time ecommerce entrepreneur, Sina was a venture capitalist at the Mayfield Fund in Silicon Valley and an investment banker at JP Morgan in New York.

5 Pitfalls of Dropshipping and How to Avoid Them

| Sina Djafari

While dropshipping ties up fewer resources in inventory and warehouses and seems a no-brainer, it can also put brand image and customer experience at risk. An online retailer and dropshipping advocate turned logistics expert details the challenges retailers face and how to overcome them.