Smadar Landau

Smadar Landau is the Founder and CEO of Feelter, a platform that improves sales and consumer engagement by enhancing the shopping experience with highly curated social content.

Why Ecommerce is Both a Burden and a Boon for Retailers

| Smadar Landau

Predictive analytics is increasingly being used to fine-tune marketing strategies by forecasting which products are most likely to be purchased by which customers, while also influencing buying behavior. It’s the power behind the suggestions of other items you may like when browsing or shopping online. Here’s how it can benefit your ecommerce business.

6 Tips for Boosting Your Black Friday Sales

| Smadar Landau

In recent years, Black Friday sales have exploded due to international public interest and online availability. Along with Cyber Monday, the two have become the busiest shopping days of the year. Here are six tips to boost your Black Friday sales.