Smitha Raphael

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Smitha’s role at Synergy Logistics is all about continuously innovating the award-winning WMS suite, SnapFulfil and managing product, development services and implementation teams globally. In her leadership role as Chief Product and Delivery Officer, Smitha also heads up a vendor program to build strong relationships within the company’s partner ecosystem. This has turned out to be extremely beneficial for the product roadmap, while allowing customers to make use of different technology to run their warehouses more efficiently.

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Getting Smart About Automated Intralogistics

| Smitha Raphael

Savvy shippers are introducing automated intralogistics to deliver an enhanced customer experience to gain competitive advantage. They’re also streamlining their business and making warehouse operations as profitable as possible. A multi-agent orchestration platform that is device and technology agnostic switches things up, bringing more uniformity to your fulfillment operations.