Tim Harris

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Tim Harris is Chief Executive Officer of FuturePay Inc., creators of the MyTab revolving digital credit solution Tim has three decades of experience at enterprise software and fintech companies including RSA, Siebel, Intuit and IBM. As longtime executive and entrepreneur in the high tech and electronic payments industry, he has overseen areas such as strategy, sales, business development, marketing, strategic partnerships and software development.

The BNPL Explosion and Digital Revolving Credit

| Tim Harris

In 2022, a new category of ecommerce financing will gain prominence in the BNPL space to address this popular buying category: Recurring purchases. Digital revolving credit offers far greater benefits for merchants, enabling them to leverage predictable revenue streams and create loyal, long-term customers.

Digital Revolving Credit: Increasing AOV, Reducing Cart Abandonment

| Tim Harris

As consumers of all ages becomes more comfortable with ecommerce, savvy merchants need to develop strategies that capitalize on its unique advantages. Understanding the nuances of various web-based payment solutions will translate into increased sales, reduced cart abandonment and a boost in customer loyalty.