TJ Waldorf

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TJ is a marketing and sales leader with a proven track record of building new and repeat business by intimately understanding the needs, pains and desires of the customer, and mapping each to the company’s unique value. Currently, he leads 1WorldSync’s marketing, communications and community engagement. Prior to this role, TJ served as Chief Marketing Officer at a leading-edge infrastructure as a service provider, where he led marketing, inside sales and customer success functions. Before that, he led sales and marketing for managed private cloud provider SingleHop, a Battery Ventures-backed company.

Turning Ecommerce Returns Into a Net Positive

| TJ Waldorf

While not ideal, ecommerce returns are an inevitable part of business. But your job is to see them as an opportunity to turn problems into positive brand experiences. And the gains from retaining a customer for life far outweigh the cost of a single refund. See them as not just an expense, but as opportunities for positive customer experiences.